Autumn / Winter 2018

“Smart, Charming, Stylish is the new definition representing Shaka women.

Shaka women are intellectual, emotionally smart and think positively about people around them.  Their inner beauty shines through their personality, captivating everyone.  These qualities have been brought into Shaka's new line of fashions.  The unique clothes are designed around the idea that every woman has her own style, and that design can enhance that style.


The Autumn/Winter 18 collection is inspired by “Bloomsbury Interior” art and the “New Romantic” perspective. The story of the Bloomsbury group - a close group of artists, writers and thinkers who set the tone for England’s intellectual society in the period before and after the First World War. Their love stories and their extraordinary creativity can be seen vividly in the paintings of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, whose works had inspired our designers to create a collection of delicate, charming and sophisticated garments which brings together art and emotions.


This collection is the representative of “Shaka Style”, referring to the women who are smart, charming and stylish, the role model of women in today’s world.  Apart from the luxurious designs, the collection combines silhouette, fabrics and patterns in the way that is perfect for “mixing and matching” to suit each person’s style. Drawing on those lush Bloomsbury portraits and interiors; the collection offers the coat dress with the new design, for day to night wears. The chic mini dress with the added volume of layers and the paisley sequin, is inspired by the interior design of the “Queen Mary” ship, the eastern uniqueness wisely mixed with the tailored collar, this dress becomes the signature of this collection. Furthermore Shaka’s signature, stripe fabric, truly reflects the “smart casual” theme of the clothes. It is developed and woven thoroughly anew from India with new color. Moreover, the collection includes “The Pamela” pattern from Vanessa’s masterpiece, which is adapted to portray the story of a ballerina and a clown traveling by the sea. To top off the uniqueness “Flat Screen” technique of this collection is used to create a soft and delicate pattern. The wave pattern Jacquard fabric is specially designed which is used in various items such as trench coat dress, jacket and trousers. In summary this collection focuses on romantic, pastel shades, which lead to romantic feelings.


The whole new designs, including the fabric patterns and other special decorations, are deliberately crafted through sophisticated thinking processes. They are the ideal combination between “femininity” and “luxury,” the remarkable signature of Shaka’s style. 



Experience the newfound artistry of “The Bloomsbury,” the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection from Shaka together at Shaka’s stores in Siam Center 1st floor, Eight Thonglor 1rd floor, The Promenade 1st floor and the Online Store at